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Foundation Yogic Meditation Course Glasgow: Thursday evenings

Thu 13 Sep   Sessions Between 19:00 PM - 21:00 PM @ Glasgow Theosophical Society


This event has ended.

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Indepth Yogic Meditation and Pranayama experiential course for experienced meditators or interested beginners. Learn a toolbox of yogic breaths to balance the brainwaves and subtle pathways (nadis) & pranas to bring clarity. Learn to control mental and emotional restlessness using prataharya and meditation on the ajna (brow) chakra. Clear karmic blocks in the flow and learn to control Prana within the seven main chakras & sushumna (psychic spine).

This course deepens each successive week and is taught to small groups to ensure individual support within the group setting.

Time: 7-9pm This course runs fortnightly on Thursday evenings starting 13th Sept to Dec 13th.

For more online courses and offline (in person) workshops please look at Jenny's website [] or on Facebook

Deposits are non refundable

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