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Sat 18 May 10:00 AM - Sun 19 May 17:00 PM @ Kilmichael Glassary


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Only 20 spaces for each day, please book quick.

Saturday 18th May

10am - 1pm - The Healing promise of qi - Suse Coon

Qi (pronounced chee) means energy and gong means work or exercise. So qigong exercises take care of the way that energy moves through the body, nourishing and healing. The old name for qigong was daoyin, which means guiding and moving energy. This tells you that it isn't haphazard and that we can learn to move energy deliberately to where it is needed using 'yi' or intention. There are over 3600 forms of qigong!

The Ten Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi

Beginning with breathing exercises and taiji walking to explore our sense of physical, emotional and spiritual balance, we will learn Roger Jahnke OMD’s Ten Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi. This qigong system involves collecting, distributing and making healthy the qi in the lower, middle and upper dan tiens.

Through each set of three moves, we work on material, emotional and spiritual energy, as experienced in the lower, middle and upper dan tiens.

This is one of my favourite Qigong exercises. It’s physically quite simple to do, yet the movements really seem to mirror the internal activity and we perform them in a logical order. This is partly because it has been compiled by Roger, specially to suit enquiring and sometimes cynical Western minds.

Roger employs these exercises with healthy people as well as people with serious health problems. They offer a simple health maintaining, energising exercise but because it is the yi, the intention, that is important, the exercises can, with practise, be very effective even whilst lying in bed.

2pm - 5pm - Sue Kali - The power of our voices for healing

We are all singers, it is as intrinsic to being human as breathing. Many cultures have understood the health and spiritual benefits of singing for thousands of years, and now science is producing more evidence daily on the benefits and potential of singing and sound to keep us healthy and happy. Yet many people in the west think or have been told they can’t sing. Not allowing ourselves to sing our being undoubtedly contributes to a range of health challenges. We need to rediscover our natural voice, our ability to sing freely and joyfully. Think of being ‘in tune’ with your self, ‘in harmony’ with others, in ‘sound’ health, think of your heart singing, of being resonant and vibrant. All of life is vibration and by listening and singing, we tune ourselves deeply into this primal vibration. The ancient Indian Vedic texts (1900BC) said that sound was a nutrient. Our cells literally vibrate and clear negativity - singing boosts our immune system, strengthens our lungs, helps us sleep, and releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in the brain. Chanting - the repetition of sacred sounds or phrases, is based on repetition and requires no prior singing ability or experience - the powerful sounds carry us and connect us, taking us deeply into realms of spiritual nourishment. This afternoon workshop will be a safe and enjoyable space, enabling us to explore some gentle body and breath exercises, simple songs and chants that will promote our well being and generate love, compassion and connection.

I have many decades of experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds. I have trained in both Indian and Western classical music as well as creative arts therapy and First Nature body and breath work. My experience includes working in special schools, with adults with mental health challenges, running world harmony groups for adults, and extensive experience running workshops based on Indian raga that help people sing from their hearts and bodies.



Sunday May 19th

The Power of 8 - Sunday 10-4pm

The Power of Eight - The healing power of intention in small groups. - Lilia Letitgo Sinclair
Based on the incredible work and research of Lynne McTaggart who realised the power of Community and Altruism to heal
Learn how you and your friends can help each other in all areas of your life.
Listen to the Goddess hercellf

For full time members of the Community the courses are included in the price
For everyone else it is £20 for half day, £35 per day or £70 for the 2 days

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