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Keep Rolling Cycling Bicycle Maintenance Workshop

Fri 04 Oct 18:30 PM - 21:00 PM @ Ferniegair Hall Committee Room


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Event Details

This is a workshop designed to provide the basic know how in maintaining a cycle. It will be relevant to all kinds of cycles which makes it ideal if you may be lucky enough to own a number of cycles.

It will be taught by a Cytech qualified mechanic and cycle coach who has many years of experience.

An outline of the course content is as follows:

Anatomy of a Cycle: • Understand the key components of a typical cycle

Wheels: • Understand the difference between wheel types • Understand the difference between a sealed cartridge hub and a cup and cone hub and how to service • Appreciation of axle standards • Understanding of cassette fitment • Be able to change a tyre and fix a puncture

Brakes: • Understand the difference between rim brakes and disc brakes • Be able to change a brake cable and adjust rim brakes. • Have an appreciation of how to change pads on disc brakes • Have an appreciation of DOT fluid vs mineral oil for disc brakes

Gears & Drivetrain: • Have an appreciation of electronic vs cable operated gears • Have an appreciation of how to change gear cables and how to set gears up - indexing. Including B tension screw and high and low adjustment screws • Understand the difference in cycle chains and how to split and re-join a chain. • Have an appreciation of bottom bracket types and how they are installed

Handlebars & Cockpit: • Have an appreciation of how the brakes and gears should be positioned on a handlebar (more specific to a MTB)

Cleaning & Lubrication of a Bike: • Understand the recommended method for cleaning a bike • Understand which lubricant to use and when (grease/ anti-seize/ fibergrip/ Loctite/ oil)

Suspension: • Have an appreciation of the various types of suspension forks and rear shocks and how they should be set up and maintained

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