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Goddess Gathering 2020 Virtual - Radical Heart Opening

Sat 07 Nov 10:00 AM - Sun 08 Nov 17:30 PM @ Online


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Event Details

This year we have a virtual experiential extravaganza. Gather together with a few of your fLilia Letitgo Sinclair - Health guide and release coach

What's your story? A morning of letting go of the old to make way for the higher frequencies now available for us. Kick off by letting go of any pain from the past that no longer serves us. Then onto a new story that serves us, our family, friends and the Planet.

Letting go of The past Limiting beliefs Ancestral and this lifetimes memories and traumas Narratives we have taken on and believed in this lifetime (Our Story) Reactions Hostile perceptions Negative mages Childhood memories Destructive past experiences Fear of the future Perceived lack of love, money, health Any thing the mind can come up with to keep you stuck Its time. Time to take the plunge and let go of the past. Time to dare to expand your horizons and dreams fearlessly. Time to trust and surrender. Time to rewrite the story.

Lilia is a nutritional healer who also offers a variety of hands on healing like reiki, quantum touch, access bars, angel healing and bliss out facials. She also teaches and coaches on a variety of talk and profound release techniques like The Sedona Method, EFT, The Work, The Release Technique, Meditation, Guided imagery and focussed intention with affirmations. Her huge passion is letting go and the bliss that appears when we have the courage to face our fears. Our stories are all illusional and patchy. This morning we will step courageously where we have only dreamed of going before. Conceive it, believe it, achieve it. Picture

Julia Melville The Psychotherapist Yogi

It’s time to step up and do things differently. Letting go of the old and unhelpful stories you repeatedly tell yourself, that keep your energy down and stop you from being the freakin’ amazing human that you are!

Julia is an accredited Therapist, Relationship Therapist, Mentor, Life Coach, Theta Healing Instructor and Practitioner, Gong Player (see below) and Kundalini Yoga Teacher (see below). Julia works with individuals, couples and groups as well as offering corporate wellbeing workshops, Kundalini yoga retreats, meditation and pranayama workshops, always with an understanding of helping to clear blocks around relationship with self.

Julia brings a holistic stance to her practices, using them as a platform to deal with a range of issues from repetitive blocks that stop you from being the person you know deep down you can be to trauma, stress release and so much more. Julia believes there’s a physiological reason for all imbalances and ailments and offers a warm and supporting space to bring understanding of the relationship with self.

Julia’s particular interest is in the energy of our bodies - the relationship we have with that energy - where we hold energy, how we use our energy and how working in this way shifts our energy. In 2006 Julia changed career and enrolled in a three-year PGDip counselling training and then continued on to train as a couples therapist. However she was always conscious that psychotherapy couldn’t provide all the answers and was continually searching for alternative methods and techniques. In 2012, Julia attended a retreat and had her first Kundalini Yoga experience. The effects of this experience are still being felt today—Kundalini Yoga is now a daily part of Julia’s life. In 2014, Julia was introduced to the powerful forces of ThetaHealing®. and had an insightful and profound healing, and personally experienced and witnessed the powerful shifts it produces.

Such first-hand experiences encourage Julia to share what she has learnt with you, supporting you to be the leader of your life. Julia’s pluralistic approach, which combines talking, healing, meditation and breath work, is a powerful offering which she shares with you with warmth, compassion, humour and confidentiality.

KUNDALINI YOGA One way to bring us into more of a conscious relationship with self is Kundalini Yoga which is a dynamic blend of physical postures, breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, mantra and relaxation. The combination of which activates the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity and purifies the bloodstream. We practice with our eyes closed and I know that when I get onto my mat that time is for me. Time to release negative energy, time to listen to my heart beat, time to notice and listen to the pattern of my breath, time to just be.

GONG BATH The sound of the Gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the torrent of thoughts our mind releases. It stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning. Sound healing increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation. It removes blockages and toxins as it affects us on a cellular level.

Julia is an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Picture

Jennifer Main - Conscious creation and revolution​

Jennifer Main is a leading instructor and practitioner of meditation and healing, helping to demystify the complexity of the subconscious, allowing others to live beyond beliefs. She is a catalyst for change, challenging artists, creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs at the top of their fields to expand into uncharted territory. Her mission is to inspire individuals to recognise unique potential and calling, to embrace purpose, and to live an aligned and authentic existence.

Throughout 20+ years of teaching and working with clients from around the world, she has witnessed the recurring feelings of loss and of being lost in the world, the ways we disconnect from ourselves and our purposes. This is why Jennifer offers individual and group sessions, leads meditation groups, facilitates Initiation Ceremonies, and wrote a best-selling book, for the wanderers of the world. Much of her work has focused on understanding boundaries and barriers, and how we create through the choices we make every day, and that by understanding our motivations, we apply choice as a way to limit or liberate.

Initiation Ceremony Details:

Experiencing Ecstasis & the Unification of the Divine Within

Jennifer Main has been facilitating Initiation Ceremonies over the past few years, assisting incredible beings to step into power and potential, igniting ancient power and modern understanding. She will hold hold ceremony on Sunday afternoon, initiating goddesses into a new realm of understanding and growth.

During the ceremony, we will take time to deeply resolve old ideas, beliefs, and projections about what Masculine or Feminine is 'supposed' to be, and release old obligation and fear that keep us in outdated and limiting roles based on these. Once we have liberated ourselves, the integration and embodiment happens within, with grace. We will connect with the strengths and gifts of each aspect of Divinity, and bring them more fully into the physical world, to express with honour, strength, and integrity. Now is the time for us to heal the conflict and rifts, the judgement and blame, and welcome harmony within ourselves and our various communities. Now is the time for unification, integration, and the compassionate strength that thrives within this new paradigm. We are going to transcend the labels. All of them.

Our ceremony will include poetry, blessings, music, healing, and prayer. I include lyrical messages, music that supports your journey, and words that deeply heal. Ceremony provides a space for death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, new freedom to choose. During the ceremony, we will take time to resolve karma and release obligation and fear from ancestral lines and collective consciousness. Jennifer will transmit information throughout the ceremony, for individuals, and for the group's benefit. Time for meditation and inner connection will be offered, as well as space for sharing, and expressing these rediscovered gifts.

At the end of the ceremony, you will feel more aligned, more present, and supported in your next steps. I look forward to welcoming you into a new beginning.

Picture ​ Alina Kieras - Intuitive Therapist

A researcher who is merging spirituality and self-development for the delight of awakening your true magnificence.

Alina Kieras will dive deep into the principals and core of amazing relationships, reclaiming your sexuality and self-mastery, introducing to her unique program - “ Return to Innocence”

There is a force within each and every one of you which craves to be received in all her grand glory of unspeakable ecstasy,- your magnetic innocence - which simply got buried under emotions and ideas of what you should be! Are your emotional problems are turning into body problems?

Through no fault of our own, a loss of your natural connection to that force leads to spending most of your life torn between the aspects of yourself that desperately crave to get that connection back, and equally pushing that intimacy away at all possible cost. We will start the process to identify, understand, and reconnect those parts to the same reality, gently opening you up to receive more love in every aspect of your life!

These hours will open the way for the Divine Feminine to speak to you through the truth of your body. Your body always tells the truth! We will start untangling the lies you’ve been telling yourself about who you must become to be deserving of the love that you hoped to ever receive from another. We will start dissolving that emptiness which only your open heart can fulfil. ​

As always, expect a cutting edge, no BS approach and practises which go directly to the cause of your suffering to release and heal it for good.

I believe the true ‘divine feminine’ has little to nothing to do with the appearance but has to do with an ability to carry sensitivity, openness, and receptivity into the body so much so that the presence alone of that woman can heal. I will openly share some of my most groundbreaking experiences and insights with the hope of guiding you back to your own power & the infinite well of wisdom within. Women Collaborating and creating Community All profits to Heal Scotland - UK's first online and land Education and Healing Community

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